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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is our web site out of date because it requires special skills to update it?
  • How do we manage the content of our web-site? 
  • How much does it cost us to maintain and host the web site?
  • Are we able to post upcoming news and events ?
  • Does our web site enable us to get feedback and discuss business related topics?
  • How do I share documents among my clients, staff, partners or members?
  • Can we use our current web-site not just as public media, but also as an intranet?

If you can't find a good answer to any of these questions, you should investigate our very affordable solution.

Key Modules:

  • newsletters
  • scheduled content
  • calendaring
  • discussion groups
  • surveys & polls
  • real estate listings
  • syndicated news feeds
  • member roster
  • online billing 
  • menu navigation module
  • site search
  • xml and rss feeds
  • work flow & versioning

Key Features:

  • online page editing and visual style sheet editing 
  • custom forms
  • template manager
  • image gallery
  • document library
  • color scheme manager
  • link manager 
  • tree based site manager
  • group and role based security
  • unlimited user groups 
  • plug in modules
  • site statistics
  • xml integration

Product News and Enhancements:

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